Practice Education Management System

Welcome to the PEMS for the Faculty of Health and Life Sciences home page for health and social care students.

PEMS has been developed to provide students, staff and placement providers with an online service to view and update the practice education elements of each student's programme.

Please note: if you are a student from the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, please click here to log in to your PEMS.

Students: The system has been designed to support confirmation of your Fitness to Practise, which includes you being issued with a Fitness to Practise identity badge. N.B. You will need this badge before you will be allowed to enter any placement area. PEMS will invite you to complete your self-declarations online and collate confirmation of all pre admission clearances (e.g. occupational health and DBS) and current programme specific mandatory training completion requirements.

PEMS will periodically send you requests for information to help with placement planning and just prior to going on placement you will be able to find out all the information you need about the placement area through the placement profile link on your home page. You will be able to report absences directly through PEMS and fill out your placement evaluation online.

N.B. Re-enrolment: In order for you to log in to PEMS you must re-enrol through your PIP page and ensure your personal information is up to date.

Click here to log in to PEMS